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Virtual Adventures

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The Fruit Salad

It’s time to slice some fruit!

The Horsetaker

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Swedish Greeting Cards!

Make someone really happy by sending them a thoughtful and meaningful eCard!

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Print your own Corporate mask!

Memory match game

FatBoy Dreams

Help this fat little boy to reach donut heaven, Jump from donut to donut and bounce on the walls to eat as many flying donuts as you can!

Not only for fat people

Funny Faces

The perfect puzzle game has finally arrived!

Ice O Matik!

The perfect never ending Cooking Game! Your customers are waiting for the perfect ice cream, follow their order and create the ice cream with this amazing machine!

Piggy Bank Adventure

The best Pig-game in northern Europe, made up of 24 levels. Take the coins to the PiggyBank cutting the ropes!

Pizza time!

Send a digital pizza to someone special!


Amazing Livestreams

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Need to make a decision?

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Most likely

The Leather Hat

No matter whether you are on a bike or taking a swim trip through the tropics – the more adventures the leather hat takes part in, the more brown it becomes,


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